Cantina @ Katong

Platypus Cantina @ Katong is currently only open for Delivery & Takeout due to Singapore's COVID-19 social distancing measures. We are offering periodic discounts on our website, 3rd party delivery vendors and we have a special Circuit Breaker menu for take-away orders.

Located in Katong - Affordable Tacos, Tequila and plenty of Mexican inspired cuisine is the name of the game at Platypus Cantina. Our modern take on the traditional Mexican Cantina will rock your socks with Kick-ass margaritas and micheladas, hearty tacos and Mexican burgers and of course a stunning beverage program which boasts wallet-friendly cocktails, beers and wines.

To make reservations please call us directly at 6344 0166 or talk with us through our whatsapp hotline

Platypus Cantina is fully equipped with a large private room, beer pong tables and the Looooooongest bar in the Katong district of Singapore!


171 East Coast Road
Attached to Santa Grand Hotel
Singapore 428877

Contact information

Phone: +65 6344 0166
Whatsapp: +65 8296 3839
Manager: Di

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Operation hours

Mon–Fri 11:00–22:30
Sat - Sun  11:30–22:30
Happy hour all day


Contact us

This contact form cannot be used to make reservations. and we will reply within 24 hours.